Custom 3D/Realistic Graphics and Animations

Embed custom 3D components in UI designs to catch users’ interest and infuse brand personality. Complex animations evoke user participation with dynamic, memorable interactions, making webpages and app screens even more irresistible.

Neumorphism or “New skeuomorphism”

These are interesting times indeed, and neumorphism reflects that fact perfectly. It was born out of skeuomorphism and minimalism, but aims to deliver an experience users have never been through. Neumorphism, like many other styles, is but a simple building block of the future and we’re excited to see just where the road of neumorphism leads, and what changes are made to this particular style along the way.

Augmented Reality Mobile Apps

Augmented reality isn’t a newcomer to mobile design, but 2021 is creating huge opportunities for innovative AR applications, as the global revenue of consumer AR-enabled apps is expected to double this year to surpass $6.2 billion.

AR removes all physical barriers to genuine user engagement; it completely reinvents the way people interact with brands. Beyond-real experiences, it presents immense potential for companies in e-commerce, retail, education, real estate, entertainment, and media, that use them in services such as virtual try-on, virtual home staging and improvements, interactive learning, simulated gaming experiences, and more.

Rebellious Asymmetry and “Broken” Layouts

Depending on design strategy, asymmetry in web and mobile interfaces can be used to establish balance and harmony or purposefully create a sense of confusion and randomness. Well-designed asymmetries always arrange content into a distinct path for the visitors’ eyes to follow and push the boundaries of imagination to help brands rise above the crowd with extraordinary experiences.

Rule-breaking Typography

In 2021, typography goes wild with spectacular jumbo fonts that overlap the images (or replace them altogether), take center stage, or spill outside the screen. The latest design trends prioritize size and quality over quantity, demonstrating greater care about the meaning of words, rather than their number.

We see typography using tactics aimed to build a strong visual hierarchy and create an appeal that prompts visitors to move forward.

Breath-taking Micro-interactions

By adding motion to buttons, icons, tabs, splash screens, visual cues, menus, and other UI elements, you can galvanize your website or app and trigger user response much faster, without a large investment.

Microinteractions give an immense boost to user experience, as they enhance interactions, keep users engaged, and provide feedback and prompts.