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feb 10, 2018 author: Charneeta Kaur

Building brands through thoughtful design and content.

The first thing most marketers think of while branding in the digital environment is visual presentation. One goal that tends to be of foremost importance for marketers across industries- Deliver a great design that aligns with the brand.

While visual experience is the first pathway to the journey to conversion, written content must align with the design aspect of the interface, in order to move seamlessly through to conversion.

But how do we get there?

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jan 31, 2018 author: Charneeta Kaur

Six Creative Strategies for Marketing Your Startup on a Dime!.

Boostrapping builds character. There are endless ways to finance your ideas, but there’s nothing like marketing a startup with a modest budget to encourage innovation. Limited funds give you an excuse to flex your creative muscle and truly share your vision with the world.

Don't rely on the same old banner ads and Google reviews. Instead, try these eight marketing strategies to place the spotlight on your business.

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Jan 10, 2018 author: Charneeta Kaur

Top 4 Typography Trends For 2018.

Typography is an incredibly powerful tool that can evoke emotions and feeling, solidfy branding and help create great designs. Also, like any other element of graphic design, font trends change over time. Check out the hot new font trends that will be inescapable in 2018! We’ve also listed out a few free fonts that go with the forecast.

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